Garden Incinerator Reviews

Garden Incinerator Reviews

A garden incinerator is super useful to have around, to burn scrap wood, leaves and paper (documents you might need to destroy). It also makes a great outdoor heat source if you don’t own a chiminea
Most garden incinerators are a metal drum unit on legs (so as not to destroy the ground below). They usually come with lids for safe garden burning.
You don’t need anything fancy in order to use an incinerator. Just place it somewhere safe and secure in the garden, throw in your rubbish and set it alight. The holes in the side of the unit allow air into the incinerator for a better burning fire. Some incinerators come with tools for poking the fire and some have shovels / scoops to help to clean it out. These however, are not essential and the incinerator can be cleaned by simply tipping out (carefully and when cool) the ash from the fire.
Our top picks for the best garden incinerators start from largest to smallest.

Keto Plastics Incinerator Keto Plastics Incinerator
  • Price: ££
  • Size: 210L
  • Material: Steel
  • A large, excellent value for money incinerator
Crazy Gadget Incinerator Crazy Gadget Incinerator
  • Price: £
  • Size: 90L
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • The ultimate garden incinerator! Exceptional!
Keto Plastics Mini IncineratorKeto Plastics Mini Incinerator
  • Price: £
  • Size: 15L
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Great for smaller gardens


Keto Plastics 210 Litre Garden Incinerator
 Garden Incinerator Yellow Bin
This is the largest incinerator for the best price that we have seen. Its 210 Litre Capacity will mean you can put more into the incinerator and leave it to burn, sooner than having to stand watching and waiting to put more waste in as it burns down.
This brand of incinerator uses old drums that used to transport food, therefore each drum may be different in style.
The downside to this incinerator is that there aren’t as many holes pre drilled. There are 4 holes, but to fuel the fire with more oxygen, you may want to drill more holes.
It includes a lid and is made of string steel, so will not dent as easily as other incinerators, the downside to this incinerator is that it doesn’t have feet so it could damage the ground below.


The Crazy Gadget 90 Litre Incinerator
This is a middle sized incinerator, perfect for general garden use. It has feet to raise it off the ground a lid for safer fires and convenient handles to transport the incinerator.crazy gadget garden incinerator
Its worth noting that the legs need to be added when setting up the incinerator. The holes are pre drilled though so it is very easy to set up. (Providing you have long arms or a helper on hand – one to hold the bolt on the inside and one to screw from outside.)
The lid is called ‘ easy lock’ which is also convenient fo storing and for keeping the ash inside until you are ready to empty it, (the lid won’t accidentally be knocked off.)





Mini 15 Litre Garden Incinerator 
This mini garden incinerator is also made by Keto plastics and is a miniature version. Perfect for burning small amounts of garden garden incinerator
It is constructed from galvanised steel and comes complete with a chimney lid and handles. Its is cheap and cheerful and easy to store.
The Mini Incinerator is ideal for those with a smaller garden but are still conscious of keeping their garden clear.



Pros of a Garden Incinerator:
  • Helps to keep your garden free of waste, especially if you cannot recycle it all or compost it
  • Can provide an excellent heat source in the cool spring and summer nights
  • Larger items that may not be recyclable or take years to compost can be burnt
  • If you usually have a garden fire, this helps prevent scorching or ruining the appearance of your garden. You can also be safe in the knowledge you arent harming any wildlife which may hide in a regular garden fire.

Cons of a Garden Incinerator:

  • Can pollute the environment
  • Dangerous if not used properly (children and pets)

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